Parents' Evenings

Further to the success of our meetings with parents last year, we have decided to meet with you earlier in the year.  These meetings help us get a better idea of each child's exposure to English and provide the parenst with a rare opportunity for a chat with the teachers. These will happen in the wek of 12 November this year.

Teacher Observations

Maintaining standards is very important to us. For this reason, Derek and Gillian, in their roles as Director and Head Teacher respectively, will be observing the teachers and the students during the weeks of 8th and 15th October. In addition, the teachers will get the chance to observe their colleagues at work.

First Franco British Breakfast

I love getting to the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce breakfasts to meet new people, renew acquaintances and exchange ideas about business (even if Brexit is the common denominator).

Today, we talked about our digital presence. Excellent presentation and lots of work to do!

Especially on how to make sure that your photo is the right way up!

It’s la rentrée!!

Our classes start back on Saturday 8 September at the Christian Community Chapel. 

10 September: American Church

11 September: Neuilly, Maison Verte and Caulaincourt 

12 September: Bossuet and Irish Cultural Centre

13 September: rue Paul Feval and Caulaincourt 

14 September: Antony

17 September: Parchamp 

18 September: Veron 

19 September: Parmentier

20 September: Montcalm