Language and Culture

Roaming Schoolhouse is a unique specialised after-school programme for English-speaking children in the Paris area.

Since 2006, our objective has been to maintain the child's links with the English culture and language. We provide weekly classes, in small groups, in different locations, covering different subjects (creative writing, history, science etc) in a structured and fun environment.


Our weekly classes

Each class includes work on language in addition to a topic from our programme. Read more about our classes

Our holiday camps

Camps are based on a specific theme and the children learn through art, science, sport, drama, history etc. Read more about our camps.

Locations & class times

Times vary depending on the area, and detailed information is available for each location. Classes are run in accordance with the Public School System calendar, and start in mid-September.

Note to parents: to enroll a child for a class or a camp, please first create an account on this website, and then register your child.