Relieving English speaking parents of the educational burden since 2006

Roaming Schoolhouse is in its 11th year of providing a unique educational platform in English for English-speaking children in many locations in the Greater Paris area. Maintaining your child's level English living in France is an enormous task. With competition for places at bilingual schools such as Balzac and Massillon becoming more intense, Roaming Schoolhouse can provide that required extra support.

During our 2016 Halloween Camp, extra tuition will be provided for those seeking entrance to Massillon.

It's not all about hard work and exams, however: RSH is an after school activity and many of our children come for most of their primary school years.

Our weekly classes from Moyenne Section onwards are an excellent way to increase your child's chances of passing the entrance exams. Using Jolly Phonics as a base from maternelle onwards linked to our topic based learning programme, the children learn in a fun environment and get a weekly dose of what the French call "Anglo-Saxon" culture.

We also offer Exam Preparation Crash Courses during the holidays as well as our regular Holiday Camps.


Our weekly classes

Our qualified teachers follow a weekly curriculum based on subjects taught in the UK and Ireland.  Each class contains elements of spelling, grammar as well as a topic based theme. Read more about our classes

Our holiday camps

Cheaper than sending them back, more fun than a week at home, camps are based on a specific theme and the children learn through art, science, sport, drama, music, movement and dance, all in English. Read more about our camps.

Locations & class times

Classes are currently run in several locations in Paris and the surrounding suburbs. Times vary depending on the area, and detailed information is available for each location. Classes are run in accordance with the Public School System calendar, and start in mid-September.

Note to parents: to enroll a child for a class or a camp, please first create an account on this website, and then register your child.