Our teachers


Britt joined us in early 2018, bringing her experience as the mother of trilingual children (English, French and German) and as a recently qualified CELTA teacher. She is from South Africa.


Diana is a language lover. Even though she has a Bachelor's degree in Communications, she found out that teaching languages is her passion. She has been teaching since 2012 and worked with all kind of students: kids, teens and adults. In her free time she’s either singing, dancing or doing yoga. Her motto: “I don't teach, I only share what I know.”


Chris rejoins us after studying and teaching for two years in the States. We are very much looking forward to his contributions to the creative writing programme.


Gillian joined us in 2013 from Friedrichshafen in Germany and was appointed Head Teacher in March 2014. She taught at all levels in the UK, as well as having trained with OFSTED and advising on literacy and languages at Primary School level in Ealing. She hails from Gerrard's Cross.


Jennie is the mother of bilingual Jessica and has worked for RSH since 2011. She comes from England and is a qualified TEFL teacher with a Post Grad certificate in Education. When not teaching, she enjoys singing in a Gospel Choir, dancing and swimming with Jessica.